About Us

“These are the verses of the Book of Wisdom. A guidance and mercy for the righteous ones. Those who establish prayer and pay the poor-rate and are certain of the Hereafter. These are on true guidance from their Lord, and they are the ones who are successful.” (Surah Al-Luqman – 1:5)

A place to breathe.

At Muslimaat we seek to guide and show mercy and compassion to those who need it. We support Muslim women who face challenges in their daily personal or professional lives by offering counselling services, but we also offer teachings of Islam to help Muslim sisters understand the way of Islam and be guided by Allah to a better journey.

We aim to serve the needs of the Sheffield Community. ​It aims to serve the needs of reverts, Muslim girls, and indigenous community of Sheffield. ​MUSLIMAAT believes in widening participation seeking strong community engagement with the adherents of all faiths. in addition to educational space for the Muslim community, it conducts various programs , which are generally open for public.

We run various educational services, such as Sisters’ Circles, Arabic Lessons and Qur’an Lessons to guide sisters and increase their knowledge and personal development.

Regular social gatherings and events are organized to get to know each other and break away from normality for a while to enjoy some time with friends.

service activity

Professional and spiritual growth, inclusive of Counseling Services, Prayer Times, and Special Prayer announcements, amongst other services offered.

Community opportunities, such as Open Days, Visiting Neighbors and Multi Faith gatherings/meetings/meals aiming to reach out to the community.

Guidance and support are important in our spiritual growth as well as our personal, professional, emotional and psychological growth. Too often people have strayed or misconstrued the Word of Allah. We aim to guide people in the right direction to give them and all of us the final and blessed reward of Allah, In Sha Allah.